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RF Mini Black Tag

Second hand

The Mini Black Tag is a small square security tag based on the RF technology.  It can be used with flat head pins, conical pins or ink pins.  Ink pins contain ink that spreads over the items if someones tries to remove it without a detacher.

The tag is light, durable, unobtrusive and dissuasive. It is suitable for a variety of products including clothing, shoes, hats and other accessories.


  • Dissuasive and versatile hard tag
  • Protects a wide range of products
  • Compatible with RF systems at 8.2 MHz
  • Requires a magnetic detacher to remove the pin
  • Compatible with standard magnetic detachers


  • RF technology at 8.2 MHz
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 41 x 41 mm
  • Each tag is sold with a pin


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