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RF 2 MHz Mini Satellite Tag

Second hand

The RF 2 MHz Mini Satellite Tag is a circular radio-frequency (RF) anti-theft security tag.  It is light, durable and dissuasive.

This tag is generally used with a conical head pin  It is often found on coats, sweaters and pants.  It can also be used with single or double loop lanyard pins on shoes, handbags, some sport equipment or all other merchandises that cannot be inserted by a pin.


  • Dissuasive anti-theft tag
  • Compatible with the RF systems at 2 MHz
  • Protect several categories of merchandises
  • Requires a magnetic detacher to remove the pin


  • RF technology at 2 MHz
  • Colour: Gray
  • Diameter: 63 mm
  • Each tag is sold with a pin.


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