Flat Head Pin (smooth)


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Flat Head Pin (smooth)

Brand new

The flat head can be used with most hard security tags.  Very compact, it is especially comfortable when trying on clothes.

WARNING: The flat head pin is not compatible with the following tags:  Sensormatic SuperTags, Ultra Gator tags, MicroGator tags, Sensormatic Fashion tags and Alpha SpiderWraps.


  • The flat head pin is compatible with the following tags:
  • Mini Hard Tag
  • Large Hard Tags
  • Pencil Tags
  • Flat Pencil tags
  • Mini Pencil Tags
  • Pencil with Lanyard Tags
  • Sensormatic AMT1000 Tags
  • Knogo Super Satalite Tags
  • Knogo Satalite Tags
  • Onvi Security Tags
  • Checkpoint UFO Tags


  • Head Type: Flat
  • Length of pin: 16 mm
  • Pin type: Smooth
  • Material: Stainless Steel

SKU: Fpin-N1

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