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RFID book labels 50 x 50 mm

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Dialoc ID RFID Book Labels are designed to control the entry and exit of books from the library.  The RFID technology uses an electronic chip embedded in the adhesive label to record information about the book and its circulation. Once protected by an RFID tag, books can enter and leave the library without the intervention of an attendant Unlike barcodes, the label does not need to be oriented on the reading pad. RFID is a proximity technology, one simply places the article or several articles at the same time on the pad.  The label identifies the item rather than the type of items.  One could, for example, identify the different copies of a book or its year of purchase.  Each tag can have its unique identification code.  This offers much more flexibility than the traditional barcode.

Black and white or colour logos as well as bar codes can be printed on the label on request.

The use of high quality labels guarantees many years of reliable service.


  • Reduces staff
  • Does not need to be positioned on the reading pad
  • Many RFID tags can be read simultaneously
  • Reading can be done even if the label is inside the book or DVD cases
  • Keeps in memory the Entry/Exit status and the security bit
  • Robust because protected by a plastic coating
  • Resistant to heat, water and wear
  • Acid-free adhesives to prevent damage to books
  • Detection range varies with label type.


  • Internal memory: 2,5 kbit
  • Operating frequency: 13,56 MHz
  • ISO 15693, ISO 18 000-3 Mode-1
  • Data retention: 100,000 cycles (50 years)
  • Power mode: passive
  • Operating temperature / humidity: -40 to +85 C / 20% - 60% RH
  • Storage temperature / humidity: -40 to +85 C / 20% - 60% RH
  • Aluminum Etching
  • Width: 50 mm
  • Length: 50 mm
  • Roll of 2000


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