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Spider tag hybrid

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The Spider Tag is a security tag that detects AM and RF frequencies. It has a cable that ties around the products.  It allows the protection of goods sold in small and medium-sized boxes, such as: Tools, cosmetics,game consoles, computers, software and other products sold in boxes.

It includes an audible alarm that activates when the cable is cut. The tag also triggers AM detection panel systems if the protected product crosses the detection zone. The design provides an effective deterrent combined with a strong lock that makes it difficult to circumvent.


  • Requires a super detacher to remove the tag
  • Solid lock difficult to circumvent
  • Very durable and widely used
  • Ideal for game consoles, computers, software and other goods in boxes
  • Coated lanyard
  • Sold in quantity of 50


  • Acousto-magnetic technology at 58 kHz and 8.2 Mhz
  • Colour: Dark Gray
  • Weight : 70 g
  • Tag size : 59 x 50 mm
  • Lanyard length : 800 mm
  • Super Lock

SKU: SpiderS-N25

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