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Lanyard pin

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The Lanyard Pin is used to attach a security tag to items that have a handle or an irregular shape.  It is also used on items that can not be inserted by a pin  such as luggages, handbags, certain sport goods as well as some hardware tools and equipmen


  • The lanyard pin is compatible with the following security tags:
  • Mini Hard Tags
  • Large Hard Tags
  • Pencil Tags
  • Flat Pencil tags
  • Mini Pencil Tags
  • Pencil with Lanyard Tags
  • Sensormatic AMT1000 Tags
  • Knogo Super Satellite Tags
  • Knogo Satellite Tags
  • Ovni Security Tags
  • Checkpoint UFO Tags
  • WARNING: Do not use with the MicroGator , UltraGator tags, and Super tags


  • Requires a magnetic detacher to remove the pin
  • Galvanized steel wire that is flexible and robust
  • Colour: Black
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Sold in quantities of 1000

SKU: Lpin-N.1 A

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