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Modular Zone-UHF

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Modular Zone-UHF is an RFID-based modular solution that identifies faster and with higher reliability all the products a customer wants to buy. This accelerates the payment process and reduces queues, which improves the customer shopping experience and increases sales.

APTQ INC is Keonn's official partner in Canada.


  • Controlled reading area
  • Easy integration with most software applications
  • Easy installation and monitoring


  • Operating Frequency : US 902 - 928 MHz (FCC part 15)
  • Materials : Can be used on metallic and non-metallic fixtures, of any color and size
  • Read rate : above 99,5 %
  • Reader transmitted power : max. 31,5 W
  • Drivers : Java
  • Integration : REST API, HTTP, MQTT, CSV, SQL, USB HID, CSV
  • Dimensions : 732 mm x 482 mm x 547 mm (29 in x 19 in x 21 in)
  • Weight : 40,5kg

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